About Us

Here at geekOnAnything we strive to bring you fresh, new, relevant content from the world of all things geek.  From normal geek things like comic cons, computers, and games to out of the box things like finance and fitness (trust me if you know someone who does cross fit you know a fitness geek).


We will not simply write articles to spam you cause it's the latest thing to try to get clicks up.  That being said the time we live in is great for geeks so many of the things we are excited about, YOU will be excited about.


We do use both affiliate links to products as well as sponsored content in order to pay for the site.  As with any affiliate links on the web (we mostly use amazon) you will NOT be charged anything extra by using our links.  In fact we encourage you to load amazon on your own in another browser to check this, just please use our link when you decide to buy.


Our sponsored content is provided by MGID and we strive to keep on top of editing out ads that are dodgy, but these are manually edited so if you see something you find offensive we are truly sorry.